Straight From The Muzzle

S7 Ep14: Spaced Out!

November 05, 2021 Season 7 Episode 14
Straight From The Muzzle
S7 Ep14: Spaced Out!
Show Notes

Welcome to a new once a month recurring series hosted by SpaceBear Sparx. In these short packed episodes you can expect your emails and questions to be answered and you'll get a shout out as well. In addition, he'll also touch on micro topics, personal life updates, furry fandom based reviews, and bring on listeners as guests.....YES you read that correctly, you the listener could very well be a guest.

Here's what's on the agenda:
-Fan Emails
-Personal Update From Space: What goes on behind the scenes and elsewhere.
-A review of

Have a show topic you want us to cover, do you know an artist or guest you would like to have on the show, or do you just want to chat? Shoot us an email at

-Episode was written by: SpaceBear Sparx
-Episode Editing done by: Skithiryx